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Jason and Pamela Paul are married with two children Emily and Annabel.  They live in Belfast Northern Ireland and enjoy their park home in the beautiful lakes area of Co Fermanagh

Jason noted, that although the park homes are more modern and capable of the winter elements, people were still leaving them through the winter months.  The main reason for this was that they generally had to pay a “local engineer” to drain down their caravans at the end of the season. 

Should they turn their water on again it would cost the same amount to drain down as it would to pay for a nights bed and breakfast.  This is unfortunate as some caravan parks are very peaceful and beautiful places through the winter months.

Not content with this contradiction, the family wanted to spend more time through the winter in their six month old static.  However they arrived one evening in November, to find that a pipe had burst under their boiler and that the caravan was flooded.  Jason recalled "those who haven't witnessed what a disaster a burst pipe is, probably know someone who has, it's a nightmare." 

This was the beginnings of the inspiration for Floë.  The idea was simple.  Turn of the mains water and connect one end of a little device to an outside tap or other fitting and then connect a foot pump or small 12 volt compressor, the sort you would buy in an autoparts store to the other end.  Instead of using mains water pressure to push water out of taps, air pressure would be used instead.  When ran, water would come out and the taps would appear to be working normally.  However as the mains supply was turned off, it was only the water trapped in the pipes that would come out, until eventually just air.  Doing this for all water fittings such as taps, showers and toilets etc would mean that only air would be left in the lines.  Simple, no water to freeze and no water to go stale.

Still wanting to enjoy their caravan through winter, Jason, with the help of family and a close family friend, created his first version.  He confesses that "it sure was ugly, but it worked.  I can use the van whenever I like and spend 20 minutes draining it down when I'm finished.  No more draindown fees"


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