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On hearing how successful it was, friends asked him to make devices for them.  After a while he could see that infact everyone in the caravanning and holiday home fraternity were in the same situation.  Seeing a potential business opportunity, he took the idea to Invest Northern Ireland, a government agency set up to help fledgling businesses. 

This would lead to many long nights ahead, developing a device that would allow an owner to draindown their own static, as many times as they liked through winter, at a fraction of the cost of paying anyone else.

In addition Jason noticed that all holiday properties suffer from stale water, as they are not used continuously.  From experience he knew that sometimes, it may be three or four weeks between visits and that meant that the water had been lying in the pipes.  He commented "We made the same mistakes as others, by drinking the water and unwittingly commenting that there was a funny taste from it.  But it wasn't funny, the water was turning stagnant."  Floë owners could not only protect their investments for Winter, but at no extra cost, make sure they always had fresh drinking water without using chemicals etc.  There is more information on this topic in the reports at the bottom of this page.

Of course, having a good idea is one thing, but bringing it to market as a finished product is something else.  It’s a long iterative process, changing one variable at a time until you have a finished product.  Jason registered his patent and from a garden shed, improved his idea and took his Mark 1 device to like minded people he knew in the same country park.  Unbeknown to anyone, these devices would be used to prepare statics for the worst winter temperatures in 50 years, the market test was a resounding success.

He recalls, "The more I looked at the project and spoke to friends and colleagues, the more I found that it could help other people with other applications, such as touring vans and motorhomes.  The system wouldn't work directly, but that didn't deter us in finding a way.  So working with the some of the largest manufacturers in the industry such as Whale and Truma, we developed a series of adapters that would integrate and work together."

Although the Mark 1 was successful, it was nevertheless in retail terms, crude in it's appearance.  Of course only so much can be achieved from a garden shed, so Jason took the idea to Invest Northern Ireland, a government funded organisation with a remit to helping fledgling companies.  They helped him with direction and most importantly, the right contacts.

One of these contacts was Leardon Solutions, a prototyping company in the USA, who helped Jason create a series of Prototypes, until one was fit for the shelf.


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