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Not to assume too much, but a likely reason that you are visiting, is because you have a touring caravan, motorhome, park home, or piece of equipment that you cherish enough to want to protect.

We started with the same intention.  The idea for Floë came from the fact that my wife and I have a static park home and we were caught out with a disastrous burst pipe flooding incident in 2008.  I wanted to be able drain down the caravan in a easy inexpensive way that didn't involve paying anyone else and still allow us to use the caravan through the winter, draining it before we left. 

Also as parents , my wife and I wanted to be able to drain the system periodically through the season, to get rid of the old stale water, when we hadn't visited for a while.  Before this, no matter how much we ran the taps, the water would taste somewhat peaty. 

After talking with the owners of motorhomes and touring caravans, they expressed that this would be a real benefit to them also, as up until now their only alternative was to flush with sterilising liquids and lots of water.  Peace of mind at a price that's easy on the pocket.  A novelty I'm sure you'll agree. 

So after much research and prototyping we now have a solution that does everything that we need it to do.  In addition to Park homes we now have solutions for touring caravans and motorhomes.  If you take a look at our products section, I give video demonstrations on each application.  When we give demos at shows, it's great to see the look on owner's faces when they see just how easy it is to carry out a drain down.   Better yet, I know they will sleep better through winter, knowing they're well protected. 

So I hope you like the site.  It's pleasure being able to help in such a friendly and helpful industry.   Should you use one of our systems, please let us know how you are getting on and send us a comment, or if you feel a little more adventurous, send us a video and hopefully we'll put it on the site.  Also, why not take a look at our reviews page and read about other like minded people and how they have used Floë.

I have tried to cover every possible issue through our Support page with our Ask a Question Forum but, there are always surprises.  If you have any problems, and the answers are not in these sections, then just ask on the Forum or send us an email.  The more problems we can address, the more we can help others by adding them to the site.


Kindest Regards



Jason Paul

Apt Innovations Limited


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