Identify your connection

Before ordering from us, it's important that you identify which water system you use for your caravan.  Please have a look at the pictures below.  We have tried to identify key features that should help you identify the adapters that you will need

Please remember if you have one of these water connections and you wish to order, you will need a Floë device together with a suitable adapter.  These are available separately, should you ever change your caravan, however, we have listed combo kits that will suit your needs.  Just make a note of the product codes under each picture.


Truma Pistol Assembly (Floë and Truma Pistol Combo - APT0102)




Crystal 2 Assembly (Floë and Truma/Carver Crystal 2 Combo - APT0103)




Whale Assembly (Floë and Whale Combo - APT0104)