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I noticed the advert for this item in the Caravan Club magazine.  I was interested as I had just bought a new Autosleeper Broadway Motorhome.  I contacted Jason for more info and also watched the video.  Everyone I spoke to at Floe was very helpful.  I decided to purchase the device.  It was delivered promptly and with full instructions and a DVD.  I encountered no problems fitting it although my heart was in my mouth when I first cut the pipe!  It works perfectly and I can wholeheartedly recommend it.  It was a pleasure to deal with such friendly helpful people.  Many thanks.

John Hyde, Caol Ila, Isle of Islay

Just a note to say that your product for motorhomes is excellent. It was so easy to install and worked exactly as advertised. After draining down for the winter as normal I must have removed at least a pint of extra water maybe two. Had the winter been as cold as the previous winter I am confident I would not have suffered any damage due to frost.

James Fuller, Norwich, England


Prior to use this spring I sterilised the system and then used the Floe to push out the remaining sterilising water and then did the same with the rinse water. The result was sweet tasting water with confidence in my water quality for the forthcoming season. I intend to use the Floe throughout the season if the Motorhome is to be parked for any length of time between trips.

John Fowler, Lancashire, England

What a fantastic product, used it today to drain down our caravan, very quick and easy to use. amazed at the amount of water it removed.  I also like the idea of removing stale water. worth every penny.  Well done

John Keegan, Newton-with-Scales, England

Like most people we thought we had drained our caravan. My sister told me about your product so we ordered it right away.

After watching the demo on your web site. we then tried it on the caravan and were delighted at how easy it was. As you would expect we got quite a bit of water out of the caravan pipes. We also tried it on the garden hoses.

I would recommend this without any hesitation to anyone with a caravan.

Isobel Hamill, Livingston, Scotland

My First ever review, Device so good I felt I had to give it praise. As a static owner it saves us £70 park draindown fee, And gives us six more weekends to enjoy the van. Very Pleased.

Lawson Evans, Gilfach Goch, South Wales

I used the Floe system to drain down my caravan today and I found it a breeze. After watching your on line video it made it all very clear and was easy to follow. I am sure that I will recoup the cost of the Floe in no time at all by not having to have the caravan drained down by a "professional". Well done.

George Gunn, Dunblane, Scotland

I just wanted to say how great the floe is - I have just spent a few days in my caravan and decided it would be a good idea to drain the system now the weather in turning. Having carried out my normal routine emptying the tank etc I was amazed how much water came out with the floe - it also got a lot of attention from the chatsworth wardens and fellow caravanners - expect a few orders!

Jane Denyer, Sheffield, England

I ordered one of these which came today, previously I have always drained the system down before leaving site and have left the taps open and waste pipe caps off to drain, as we drive home( last trip 120 miles home). For winter I have used the blowing into the taps / shower hose which I did about 2 weeks ago (and even used the vax to suck out any residue before). I thought I would give this a try as looking at it, it's easy to use (easier than getting the vax out and getting a seal) Well after emailing Jason at keepfloeing you can extend the pipe so you can do everything from inside the van. I used a 12v digital tyre pump and pressured the system first off and got 2 1/4 pints from the kitchen sink and then moving to the bathroom / shower I got another 3/4 pint from them so yes it does work but you do need to pressurise the system several times. Great for a touring caravan

Dave, Lincoln, England

Wow! Tried this, albeit a bit sceptical about how much water people claim is coming out of their system...what can I say....emptied about 4 pints of water out of the system, despite draining the van as per the manufacturers recommendations and travelling with the valve open. A fantastic product, highly recommended. A must for every caravanner!

Dan Ablett, Hinckley, Leicestershire.

A Brilliant Product.  Used floe system for the first time today.  Easy to follow step by step instructions, brilliant results. Will recomend highly to all of our fellow caravaners.

Trevor Jacques, Derbyshire, England

Received the floe today,many thanks.  Having previously drained down my caravan system, I was impressed to find that the FLOE extracted another 1.5 Pints. A great product and i wish you well with it,I shall certainly sing it praises

Barry Fryatt, Norfolk, England

I would like to commend you on your Floë product.  The reason I bought it was because we were unable to drink the water from our new caravan, as we could not drain it properly due to a pipe running over the wheel arch.  I used it over the weekend and was surprised at the amount of water and black bits that came out of the taps.  When I put new water into the system with our aquaroll, it was perfectly clear, but more importantly it tasted normal and not like before. This will save us having to buy any more bottled water. Thank you

Frank Peaman - Coventry, England

"After draining down the Alde water system in my Bailey Unicorn as per the manufacturer's instructions, and then travelling for 60 miles over a variety of roads with all the taps and the drain open, I would have expected the system to be competely empty. On connecting the Floë system, I was surprised and delighted to extract a further pint of water! I don't know why Floë systems are not standard with every caravan'"

Nigel Hirst - Manchester, England

"Just tried my Floë device on my touring caravan and removed over 300ml of water. Any amount of water could cause major problems when the temperature drops, but it is what i found suspended in the water sample that could lead to health disruptions and spoil any venture planned. The device is simple to use and only takes a few minutes for peace of mind. It does exactly what it says it does. Excellent product and highly recommended."

Keith Crosthwaite - Pontefract, England

My Floë kit arrived today and I have used it for the first time. Impressed - It’s very simple to operate and actually does what it says; I was amazed how much water came out of the taps, despite the system being fully drained.

Ray Roberts - England

"One word sums up the Floë System.  Brilliant!  As the Manager of a Caravan Park which is part of a larger group, my time is valuable.  This little device reduced a 45 minute winterising process to 15 minutes.  We also commission caravans for safety, which can take up four hours to find leaks, this little device found them in about 4 minutes.

This is a must have for any caravan owner and every Park Engineer should have one in their toolbox"

Tim Osbourne - Park Manager - Honey Bridge Caravan Park, Part of the Island Meadow Group, Sussex, England

"I would thoroughly recommend Floë to anyone with a touring caravan.  It's so easy to use. Well done you guys."

Joan Kippling - Edinburgh, Scotland

"I've got a small confession to make, I didn't really take Floë seriously at first, not at £24 anyway, I just thought it was going to be another one of those gadgets that lie in the drawer.  I was going to call our plumber to have the van drained down, but my wife insisted that I try it out.  I have got to say that I stand corrected.  What a brilliant gadget this is, it's so easy and it makes me wonder what exactly I was paying £45 for every year.  Sorry I doubted you.  Thanks."

John McCracken - Liverpool, England

"As a Caravan Engineer, I have found Floë to be an invaluable tool.  I routinely carry out draindowns and servicing for touring van owners and using Floë means that I don't have to tilt the van every direction to drain.  Floë will blow water out of every nook and cranny, no matter what angle the van is at. This is very important in winter, as any trapped water will freeze and do a tremendous amount of damage. I can also make sure there are no leaks by using Floë for pressure testing.  This really is an Apt Innovation !!"

Nigel Wilson - Wilson Caravan Services, Surrey, England

They say the simplest things are the best, absolutely true.  What a great tool.

Sandra Burrows, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"I just thought I would write a few words to tell you just how fantastic your invention is.  I am a static owner and widower and I must say that, at first, I thought that draining down my caravan was going to be difficult for me, as I am a little older than most caravanners, but I watched your video and as it explained things very well, I thought I would give it a go.  Again fantastic, it took exactly 23 minutes to drain my old Willerby.   Now I don't have to pay £60 every year and I can spend time at the caravan in Winter, something I have always wanted to do.  Thank you, this is a real godsend.  Best of luck, you deserve it.

Gordon White - Ballymoney, Northern Ireland 


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