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Floë Automated Induratec 636 12V Drainage System

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As you are probably aware, our new Floë Induratec 868 and 636 products were released in Nov 17 and have received great reviews.  Word of mouth has spread fast and orders have already been strong for autumn 2018. Production is at full capacity, but stock will be limited.  Therefore, please order early in autumn to […]

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Floë Caravan & Camper Drainage Kit

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If you have a caravan or camper with an unswitchable onboard water storage tank, then this is the Combo kit for your needs. Winner of Practical Caravan’s Caravan Accessory of the Year 2012, our Floë system is a simple way to drain down your caravan or camper, making way for beautifully fresh drinking water, or […]

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Continental Kit

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For use with pipe sizes of 10mm inside diameter and 13mm outside diameter or 13mm inside diameter and 15mm outside diameter. For optional use with our Floë Caravan and Camper Drainage Kit APT0105 and our Floe Induratec 636 (sold separately). Most continental and some UK made motorhomes and caravans will have a braided hose water system. […]

Inline Retro Push-Fit On/Off Valve

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Should your motorhome or caravan have a hose filler cap or an onboard vented water tank to store water and no way to shutoff the supply, this adapter will enable you to shut off the water supply to your pipes and fittings in order to drain down the water system. Used in conjunction with our […]


Retro Push-Fit Tee

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Using this adapter with our Floë Water Drainage System (sold separately), you can ensure your Motorhome is perfectly drained down. Used with our patented Floë device, this adapter can be connected on the cold water line inside the motorhome. With the help of a foot pump or 12/240 volt tyre compressor you will be able […]


Tyre Pressure Gauge

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This is a great little tool as it is particularly handy to test your compressor accuracy, before you use it with Floë. We want you to stick to 15PSI when doing a draindown for Touring Caravans and Motorhomes and 30PSI for Static Caravans and Home use, so you can test it on the car tyres […]


Plug-in Electronic Thermostat

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We just couldn’t resist adding this little device to our list, because it’s a great invention. This is a plug-in thermostat. Not to be confused with our plug-in timer, this device allows you to plug in an electric heater and set it to maintain a certain temperature. The thermostatic plug will switch off when that […]


24 Hour Plug-In Timer

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This little timer has been specifically added to compliment our Plug-in Thermostat (APT1113) so that you can set both time and climate, however it can be used with any household appliance. Unlike most other timers, this one was selected by us with electricity saving in mind, as it will switch appliances such as the plug-in […]