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For use with pipe sizes of 10mm inside diameter and 13mm outside diameter or 13mm inside diameter and 15mm outside diameter.

For optional use with our Floë Caravan and Camper Drainage Kit APT0105 and our Floe Induratec 636 (sold separately). Most continental and some UK made motorhomes and caravans will have a braided hose water system. What that simply means is that the pipe work will resemble a garden hose instead of a smooth rigid plastic pipe, such as that found in the home.  Also, some models have a very flexible shiny silicone hosing.  Neither of these will allow for push fit connections as they are too soft.  Therefore the barbed end of these continental kit connectors can be pushed up inside the hose, leaving a hard straight end to be inserted into the push fit connectors.

Both kits mentioned come with the smaller variety of connectors, but should you require more, or your hose is larger, then you may need these.  This kit consists of four connectors and these should be a tight fit without any need for retaining jubilee clips, so you might need to use a hairdryer or cup of boiling water to soften the ends of the hose.  Jubilee clips can be used for a belt and braces approach.

Please do not pressurise system to more than 15PSI and always read instructions thoroughly before use.


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