Plug-in Electronic Thermostat

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Product Code: APT1112

We just couldn’t resist adding this little device to our list, because it’s a great invention. This is a plug-in thermostat. Not to be confused with our plug-in timer, this device allows you to plug in an electric heater and set it to maintain a certain temperature. The thermostatic plug will switch off when that temperature is reached and switch on when the temperature falls below.

Even though heaters generally have a thermostatic dial, a room can get either too hot or too cold. Well not with this. You set the temperature and it will keep it even and because it doesn’t allow electric to be wasted, it’ll pay for itself in no time. Plug it into our 24Hr Plug-in Timer (APT1113) and you can set both the hours it will operate and the climate. Brilliant for use on these examples;

Caravan – Living room or bedroom
Touring Van or Motorhome ??? use while on a pitch to save on gas
Boat ??? Engine compartment through winter to save on winterising bills
Baby’s Nursery ??? A regular temperature gets everyone a better night’s sleep
Study or conservatory ??? Timed for occasional use or through specific hours

Mains operated, but integral battery power allows setting out of the mains socket. Precision digital temperature control. Permanent manual override for instant ON/OFF switching. Integral temperature sensor. 0c to 35c temperature range control. Temperature setting can be easily reviewed.


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