Replacement – Truma Carver Crystal 2 Adapter

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Product Code: APT1102

Used with our patented Floë device (sold separately), this adapter fits snugly into the side of your touring caravan and with the help of a foot pump or 12/240 volt tyre compressor you will be able to drain down your caravan avoiding frozen lines and costly damages to pumps and taps etc in winter.

As it takes no time at all to use, you can also use the kit to clear lines of older stagnant water preventing the possibility of disease such as Legionnaires and have fresh drinking water every time you use your van.

A must have for every caravanning enthusiast. To fit caravans with the Truma/Carver Crystal 2 Water connection.

ATTENTION – Unsuitable for motorhomes with vented on-board water tanks. Also caravans with onboard water storage tanks must have a divert facility to draw water direct from outside. Please check with manufacturer before ordering. If vented, please use our Floë Retro-fit Motorhome Combo. Please read instructions thoroughly before use.


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