My name is Jason Paul and I’m the Managing Director of APT Innovations Ltd and the Inventor of the Patented Floë Water Drainage Systems.  Now,  not to assume too much, but a likely reason that you are visiting is because you have a leisure vehicle, park home, holiday home, or piece of equipment that you cherish enough to want to protect.

We started with the same intention.  The idea for Floë came from a disastrous burst pipe flooding incident at our park home in 2008.  From that point forward, I wanted to be able drain down the property in an easy inexpensive way that didn’t involve paying anyone to do it for me, while still allowing us to use it through the winter and drain it before we left again.

So aside from speaking with the owners of statics and lodges, we also spoke with the owners of touring caravans, motorhomes and boats and we discovered that they also were looking for a similar solution, but if they were able to clean the old stale water out of the system through the season aswell, this would be an extra bonus to them.  Up until now, the only alternative for this was to flush with sterilising liquids and lots of water.  But this was never enough.

So, after taking all this onboard and after much research and prototyping we now have a number of Floë solutions for every application.

In 2011, we launched our range of portable drainage products, which were received incredibly well and as they only take about 25 minutes to carry out a draindown, we would recommend them as a cost effective solution if you only wish to drain down once or twice a year.  Moreover, like all of our Floë systems, they are University tested to clean a water system to 99.95%, so no more steriliser.

Over the next few years, we listened to our customers and many of the same questions came up time and time again, such as;

  • Do you sell pumps or tyre compressors. – No sorry, we just supply the method of getting air into a water system to push the water out.
  • Do I need to keep an eye on the pressure. – Yes, you dont want to overpressurise the water system.
  • Do I need to climb in and out of the property to drain each water outlet. – Yes, if Floe is connected outside, then you will need to pressurise the system from outside, drain an outlet inside and repeat this process for each outlet.

So in 2017 after four years of R&D, we launched two new Floë Induratec products in an effort to make Floë even more convenient.  These are

  • Floë Induratec 868 – 240v.  For Statics, Lodges, Holiday Homes and boats.
  • Floë Induratec 636 – 12v. For Touring Caravans, Motorhomes and Boats.

The systems are very simple to install and when you want to drain down, you simply turn off the water supply and flick a switch.  Floë’s computer regulated compressor will build up to the required pressure and automatically stop.  The nice thing is that, by opening and draining each outlet, Floë will automatically restart and build up the pressure again for you.  Now, a static property can be drained in 4 minutes and a moving vehicle in 2, all from the comfort of inside in the warmth.  Simply drain down whenver you want and as often as you want and have the peace of mind to use the property, whatever the season

If you take a look at our products section, I give video demonstrations on each application.  When we give demos at shows, it’s great to see the look on owner’s faces when they see just how easy it is to carry out a drain down.   Better yet, I know they will sleep better through winter, knowing they’re well protected.

So, I hope you like the site.  If you need help in any way, we have a Frequently Asked Questions section at the top right under Extras, where we will continue to put more answers and videos.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to use our Contact Page above to get in touch.

Kindest Regards

Jason Paul

Apt Innovations Limited